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Celebrating digital innovators: A glimpse into the 2nd annual digital engineering awards

Celebrating trailblazing innovations and excellence in digital engineering

Published: Jan 31, 2024 01:12:56 PM IST

Celebrating digital innovators: A glimpse into the 2nd annual digital engineering awards

To applaud and encourage relentless innovation and the transformational power of digital engineering, the 2nd edition of the Digital Engineering Awards, in association with ISG, L&T Technology Services (LTTS), and CNBC-TV18, unfolded as a night dedicated to honouring the unsung heroes of the digital engineering world.

This year, the awards, aimed at recognizing and fostering innovation in digital engineering globally, brought together over 90 global organizations that submitted more than 200 applications. The evening saw 30 finalists sharing the honours in two distinct categories: 'Engineering the Change - Team Awards' and 'Engineer at Heart – Individual Awards’.

The event commenced with Samir Bagga, Chief Marketing Officer of L&T Technology Services, and John Boccuzzi, Partner at ISG, setting the stage by introducing the esteemed panel of judges and articulating the mission of the awards. They recounted that the objective of the Digital Engineering Awards initiative was to be a global leader in recognizing engineering brilliance, fostering innovation in digital engineering, and building a collaborative community that pushes the boundaries of technological advancement.

The first panel discussion showcased the judges for the awards sharing their wealth of experience and expertise. The panelists included Jim Austin, Faculty Consultant – Wharton Business School Adjunct Assistant; Suja Chandra, Global, Operations, Digital, Technology and Business Transformation Chief Executive and Board Member; Gaurav Gupta, Partner & Global Head, Digital Engineering, ISG; Steve Hall, President, ISG EMEA, and Partner, Digital Advisory Services; Sameer Hasija, Dean of Executive Education, INSEAD and Prashant Kelker, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, ISG. Their discussion, moderated by CNBC-TV18’s Jude Sannith Sujendran, delved into the intricacies of digital engineering, R&D, Gen AI, and the application of various technologies across industries. It also unveiled insights into the meticulous process of selecting nominations and the challenges faced in choosing the eventual winners from a pool of outstanding nominees.

A pivotal moment in the evening was the engaging all-women panel, moderated by Suja Chandra. Featuring 'Women Engineer of the Year' finalists – Allison Bernard, Engineering Manager, ExxonMobil and Alla Franklin, Director - Eco-Design and Sustainability Program, Intelligent Devices, Rockwell Automation – the discussion provided a platform for these accomplished professionals to share their inspiring journeys and discuss diversity in the workplace. Alla Franklin’s advice to young women who aspired to be engineers was to be curious and never be afraid to learn new things, meet new people and take up new challenges. Allison Bernard encouraged young women to lean into their strengths as women are naturally great at innovation, collaboration, team-building, inspiring and motivating. All these qualities enable them to build trust and deliver results.

The heart of the event was undoubtedly the recognition of excellence through the award presentation. The nominees, each embodying the spirit of engineering, showcased their commitment to innovation. Awards were distributed in two major categories: 'Engineering the Change' for team accomplishments and 'Engineer at Heart' for individual brilliance and both categories were further divided into nine sub-categories.

.As the evening unfolded, it was evident that the Digital Engineering Awards were more than just a platform to recognize accomplishments. They served as a hub to foster a community of progressive minds. This sentiment was echoed by Amit Chadha, CEO & MD of LTTS, who emphasized that every participant was a victor in their own right. He highlighted that the ultimate prize was the spirit of innovation and collaboration radiating within the engineering community. In addition, he applauded the increasing involvement of women engineers, acknowledging their significant contributions to the continued growth and advancement of Digital Engineering.

ISG Vice Chairman Todd Lavieri also encapsulated the significance of the event stating that Digital Engineering is actively reshaping the world, impacting every industry from healthcare and manufacturing to retail, aerospace, automotive, energy, and utilities.

“As technology continues to evolve, we witness a convergence of functions, fostering an environment where innovation sparks further innovation. The Digital Engineering Awards serve as a platform to highlight these exceptional advancements, underlining the huge significance of engineering in our society,” he said.

All in all, the 2nd edition of the Digital Engineering Awards was a testament to the dynamism and brilliance within the digital engineering world. It celebrated not only the triumphs and successes but also the challenges faced by engineers daily. Most of all, it served as beacons, inspiring the next generation of STEM graduates and pushing the entire industry to ‘Engineer the Change’.

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