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Credit repair master Jovanny Cenel builds business empires from the ruins of failed business investments

Jovanny has become a powerhouse in his industry is a testament to the power of acknowledging failures and moving past them

Published: Jun 24, 2020 02:00:02 PM IST

Credit repair master Jovanny Cenel builds business empires from the ruins of failed business investments

The issue with some entrepreneurs is not that their accomplishments are not impressive enough because a lot of them do have long lists of accolades. The problem lies in how their successes seem too good to be true.

An entrepreneur who boasts about dominating the business sector from the first try sounds less amazing than people would like to think because of doubts about the authenticity of that claim. After all, pursuing entrepreneurial goals is not a walk in the park.

In reality, clients have an easier time trusting those who admit that their successes are born from the ashes of their failures. They find comfort in knowing that the service provider they are availing their help from knows what being in a rough patch feels like and what strategies are needed to get out of that tight spot. Such reassurance can be found at the hands of Centurion Score president and credit expert, Jovanny Cenel.

Jovanny has multiple figures attached to his name, but that did not come so easily. He is genuinely intimate with what failure feels like and looks like after running his credit down the hill at age eighteen when he made some pretty bad investments. Instead of turning away from the business realm, Jovanny committed to restoring his credit.

Thanks to an online repair course, Jovanny was able to equip himself with the right skills and knowledge to improve his situation for the better. He restored his credit score and then utilized his newfound skillset to assist his family and friends for free.

By doing referrals and door to door sales, Jovanny then had the opportunity to monetize his proven ability to repair credit. That led to the monumental creation of his business, which grew to an incredible six-figure entity in the first year alone.

This show of business command came at a surprise to Jovanny’s family and friends, who bore witness to the demise of his initial entrepreneurial attempts. But now, years later, Jovanny is the proud owner of 150 credit cards, 12 cars, a highly sought-after credit repair business, and a high ticket coaching program where Jovanny teaches people to use his blueprint and build their own credit repair agency.

Centurion Score, the product of Jovanny’s combined skills and knowledge in credit restoration, is a customer-focused, results-oriented company that is committed to developing strong relationships with its customers and teaching innovative credit score solutions.

At their core, Centurion Score analyzes the credit report of the concerned clients to identify any negative items hurting their scores and then builds a custom game plan based on the specific needs of each client. Its client-centric strategies and methods to credit repair have been used by only 3% of companies in the same field nationwide. It is no surprise why Centurion Score, with Jovanny at the helm, is a trusted partner to numerous real estate firms as well as reputable car dealerships.

Jovanny is not just a competitor in the field of credit repair. He has elevated to such heights that he is now dominating the sector. And this success is not only due to the expertise with which he handles his clients and solves their financial problems but also because he pays his knowledge forward. He educates his customers -- a service that 99% of credit repair companies fail to do. More than anything else, it is how Jovanny finds joy and peace out of his contribution to other people’s commercial triumphs that make clients flock to him again and again.

How Jovanny has become a powerhouse in his industry is a testament to the power of acknowledging failures and moving past them. He banked on his experiences and continually reinvented himself to build a multi-figure company that is impacting countless individuals and businesses.

If you want to learn more about how Jovanny Cenel and Centurion Score can restore your credit, check out his website or message him on Instagram.

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