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Her dream is to heal people from Mental Health issues

Gursharan has been healing people from depression

Published: Jun 29, 2020 01:04:43 PM IST

Her dream is to heal people from Mental Health issues

A caring daughter, a loving wife, a successful entrepreneur – no, they are not three but all three rolled into one. She is a woman with a heart of gold.

She was only 10 years old when she developed a passion for writing. “I loved to write articles or poetries,” recalls businesswoman Gursharan Kaur who hails from Faridabad, Haryana. She holds an MBA in International Marketing and a Diploma in Poetry Writing..

“Writing has been a conduit to vent my feelings. Like everyone I have had my share of struggles. That’s when I realized that the pen is mightier than the sword. I was a failure. All my start-ups failed.” Gursharan has faced some personal trauma in her life which cannot disclose on this platform which led her to the stage where her Mental Health effected brutally. “My mind started to push me over the edge but before it could throw me off it, I learnt to see the silver lining in every cloud looming over. Slowly, my failures became my teachers and hurt from people became my sword”.

They made me strong. They healed me. That’s when I decided to help the millions of people who are struggling with their Mental Health or Depression phase. I want to reach out to people and let them know that they are not alone. We will get out of this mental health situation, together.”

Since last 5 years, Gursharan has been healing people from depression. She started taking personal coaching sessions (one on one) for people who are suffering from Mental Health problems and to this date she does not charge anything. “I do this out of love and compassion for people’s suffering as I have gone through it myself. I don’t want people to suffer neither do I want money out of this. God has blessed me with enough wealth. The satisfaction I get upon knowing how well a person is doing in life after being cured from mental problems is priceless,” says Gursharan.

She also gives motivational seminars on ‘dealing with depression’ in colleges across Delhi  and NCR. Gursharan shares that her goal is to help as many people as she can to overcome their mental problems. “It’s my way of “sewa” or offering selfless service to people. Just like my parents and brothers taught me.”

Gursharan states that it’s high time depression is treated with care and not shrugged off as ‘ye toh sabko hota hai, normal hai’ (it’s normal, it happens) phenomenon. Before it snowballs into the reason for your nemesis, it’s important to nip depression in the bud.

It took several years for Gursharan to get over her Anxiety. “I slowly came into my own when I started to conduct myself consciously, healing others helped heal myself”, she says. She nailed an interview with Gyanwave Consultancy Pvt Ltd, a pioneer marketing agency which helps uplift brands’ business by 360 degree marketing solutions. Now she is their Business Head of their second line of Business. She renovated Gyanwave’s second line of business which deals in marble handicrafts and helped the company earn good revenue. The CEO of the company who is also her best friend promoted her within the same year of joining. His guidance also cushioned the blow of her mental breakdown.

Her husband gives her full support for this cause - “My husband knew my past issues with mental health before we got married, he never judged me over them and instead helped me with the healing process and gives full support to my intention of healing others” says Gursharan.

Gursharan Kaur is a force to reckon with. Her sole purpose in life is to save millions of people from committing suicides. “Some beautiful people in my life taught me that relationships can heal any kind of depression,” she says. She mentors people on building healthy relationships and nourishing them.

Gursharan keeps a vision of opening a Gurukul in 10 years where people can stay and consult for free and heal by mentors and coaches. Run by selfless volunteers, it will be open 24/7. So that they can attend to suicidal tendencies all the time. Mostly people inherit negative thought at night, so her Gurukul will welcome people for assistance throughout night as well. “This can prevent suicides as they confide in me and my volunteers," she says.

This motive of healing people in her selfless way has made us to reach her story globally so that we can giver her a hand healing people world wide and start talking about Mental Health.

To find out more, visit her Instagram handle  @gursharan.kaur26

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