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Indian wildlife photographer Pranay Patel is leaving his footprints with every Shot

Pranay is one of the esteemed wildlife photographers representing India on a global platform

Published: Nov 6, 2020 03:39:40 PM IST
Updated: Nov 6, 2020 04:39:19 PM IST

Indian wildlife photographer Pranay Patel is leaving his footprints with every Shot
“I was this close, one click and boom that Black Panther could have been captured perfectly in my lens. No worries I will wait for my moment on my travel back to safari.” Wildlife photographers experience the jungle in a manner that could be dream for others. One of India's emerging wildlife photographers from the lands of Gujarat lions is Pranay Patel. Pranay is capturing captivating photos of jungle celebrities across the globe. An illustrious career of 8 years and the incessant hunger to understand the behaviour of wildlife, their habitat, makes Pranay one of the esteemed wildlife photographers representing India in global platform.

Wildlife waits for no one they are on the continuous move; one has to be on his feet to achieve the unexpected. Pranay has learned the rule of Jungle and he clearly specifies that “once on the location, open your backpack and set up the camera thus uncovering the lens. Because you never know what will be captured in your lens which will amaze all and sundry.” Pranay has garnered appreciation, fame courtesy hard earned & amazingly beautiful looking calendars, "The Wonderful Wildlife of Gujarat in 2015, The Bears of Kamchatka, Russia in 2019 and his tour to Wildlife in Africa in Masai Mara region sponsored by Mukesh Ambani in year 2015 was titled 'The Wild Earth of Africa'.

Pranay Patel's logo of his website very effortlessly captures the negative space and the lion in the letter P says it all, how fierce and valiantly Pranay sets on his adventure and returns with dozens of beautiful memories which we become part of. Pranay is the source of inspiration for many young wildlife photography aspirants, he takes pride and feels blessed and vows to bear the torch for the younger generation.

Everyone wishes to become the representative of the state where they are born, a young 13 year old Pranay had the same dream and at this date Pranay Patel is the proud official photographer of Gujarat Tourism but the icing on the cake is his perfectly clicked snap of Asiatic Lion which is an integral photo of official Gujarat tourism Poster. Pranay totally agrees to this wonderful quote by fellow Indian wildlife photographer, "with no doubts wildlife photography plays a huge role in wildlife conservation, every wildlife photographer can feel so proud about it."

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