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Laurence Moss shares the top 4 Instagram bio tips to increase engagement

Have you always wondered how you can optimize your bio on Instagram? Hearing conflicting advice? Read this

Published: May 20, 2020 04:04:21 PM IST

Laurence Moss shares the top 4 Instagram bio tips to increase engagement
Today I am joined by Laurence Moss, a 16 year old entrepreneur, and the founder of Greedy Growth, a digital marketing agency that specialises in helping businesses all over the world with Instagram.

He says that “Instagram bios are the face of an Instagram account, the front cover. The first step in conquering Instagram is to ensure your bio is on point.” With this, I got straight to asking Laurence some questions about how someone might optimise their bio on Instagram in the 4 most effective ways. Here is what he had to say:

    1. Clear call to actions

Instagram is a moving ebb and flow of content. People might like a piece of content if they enjoy it, but it’s very rare that they’ll interact with it further than that. Unless you use call to action. It’s a simple concept that when implemented, has a profound effect.

By simply writing in your bio “click the link below” or “follow to enjoy amazing travel content”, you’re immediately raising the chances of someone actually doing that action. It may seem obvious on the surface, but without call to action, people are not likely to do anything. They need to be directed, instructed, to do something.

    2. Emojis

Instagram is photo and video dominated platform, contrasted to platforms like Facebook who are text first, visual content second. It’s the opposite with Instagram. As the famous saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Because of the visual nature of Instagram, emojis are also important. They convey a message that wouldn’t be interpreted from a chunk of text. It can portray a feeling, tone of voice, or completely replace the existing text it seeks to represent.

On Instagram, people scroll fast, and the culture is very emoji oriented. Putting emojis within your Instagram bio will ensure people remain engaged and don’t get bored while reading through your caption. You can also use the hand emoji pointing downwards as a call to action to get people to click on your website

    3. Your name

People almost always confuse the ‘name’ option with their ‘username’. They’re two different things. No two users can have the same username, but you can put your name as whatever you want. So do you put your full name if you’re a business of theme page, or even an influencer? No.

The name tab is actually a place where you can make use of search engine optimization. For example, if you put in the ‘name section’: ‘TRAVEL | ADVENTURE’, then there’s a good chance that when your page gets larger, it’ll show up when people type those keywords. Obviously if you’re a smaller Instagram page you will have to be smart about how you do this. Maybe you decide that your Instagram page is all about mountains, so you put different types of mountains as keywords in your name, so there’s not a whole lot of competition.

    4. Landing pages equals more links

People usually think that they can only have one link on Instagram. This can be frustrating as sometimes you might want to direct traffic to multiple URLs. Maybe you want to have links to your website, other social media, or even products.

The trick is to use a landing page, where you can direct traffic to multiple places, and then using the URL of the landing page in your Instagram bio. This is great especially if you are an e-commerce business and you have multiple products but want to let your potential customers navigate to a specific one right off the bat.

Using the above strategies, Laurence has helped tons of businesses increase their following, engagement and revenue.

Finally, if you want to follow Laurence Moss on Instagram, go to @laurencemossuk

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