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Mayur Sethi's advertiCe empowers advertisers with AI Powered Media Buying & Planning

'advertiCe - Media Buying and Planning Intelligence Platform' is all set to revolutionize the world of Programmatic Advertising

Published: Nov 11, 2020 11:11:25 AM IST
Updated: Nov 12, 2020 04:26:07 PM IST

Mayur Sethi's advertiCe empowers advertisers with AI Powered Media Buying & Planning
Luck and responsibility are two different things, something that not everyone can comprehend in one go, but talk to an entrepreneur and you would know the difference.

Mayur Sethi, started his career in Digital Media Industry back in 2006 in a firm in Hyderabad. And today over 14 years later, he is busy designing his own programmatic platform, advertiCe, a self-serve dashboard which would not only help in Planning and Buying Media from 60+ Premium SSPs Intelligently but also Manage Campaigns and Optimize ROI using SmartAI.

Jaw-dropping isn’t it? Well, maybe his experience encourages us to take few courageous steps in our lives too.

A favorite amongst his peers, Sethi had a solution to every digital marketing related problem, and he knew if he could develop those skills more, this love and respect was bound to increase.

Taking up multiple jobs to improve communication skills and how to operate Microsoft Excel, Sethi found himself working from 6 am to 1 am in the night. He refers to an analogy of swimming; an individual becomes a good swimmer, only after jumping into the pool. So, how would you become an expert in your own industry? By working at the heart of it, and to achieve that Sethi decided to go back home to Indore, Madhya Pradesh and start his own business. The ‘bug has beaten’ read his Facebook status and, thus began his entrepreneurial journey.

An entrepreneur’s job is one of responsibility, where nothing comes served in a platter. He or she is not a Chief Executive Office but Chief ‘Everything’ Officer. From investing mentally, financially and emotionally to analyse the returns of those investment.

MP09 Digital, his first entrepreneurial venture to transform the digital presence of brands across Central India. Like the Megatron from the movie Transformers, MP09 Digital brought about the e-commerce revolution in Madhya Pradesh. Taking a step further to help consumers with suggestions across the wide online shopping landscape and making every penny worthwhile, Hoppingo was incepted with a colleague Swati Gauba. Sethi and Gauba’s team would analyse every trend the influencers spoke about online and guided the buyer accordingly.

An entrepreneur’s responsibility does not only lie towards his clients but also fellow aspirational entrepreneurs. Sethi has often helped the budding generation learn the tricks of the trade and trained them in the right direction. His team comprises of young and ambitious people, and this also helped him understand Content Marketing and its consumption. Building on the Fear of Missing Out, (FOMO), he worked with varied publishing platforms as an advisor and consultant.

Another feather in his cap was added in 2019, when he brought all the biggies of Digital Marketing and Advertising under one roof for Digicon, an offline event where more than 300 people exchanged Digital Media knowledge and learning.

So, what is he doing now? Running his own Digital Advertising and Marketing Agency, Yellow Digi that aims to challenge the consumption patterns of the audience. And with clients from various industry, OTT, eCommerce, Real-Estate, to name a few, already on board, they provide Content Marketing, Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing as services.

Not to mention his new latest venture in the world of Programmatic Advertising. Every brand is today looking for Return of Investment, especially with the time a user is spending online, and why shouldn’t they? But to Mayur, that came across as a business idea, and he launched advertiCe.

Making the best use of what’s available in the current marketing world, Sethi along with his team launched a dashboard which caters to individuals, marketers, advertisers and brands who can now buy huge inventory that is available through varied customized targeting. The ads, says Sethi, can be of varied formats and can be opitimised basis Cost per click, Cost per Impressions and Cost per Engagement.

The motive behind advertiCe is to help people reach masses beyond Google and Facebook. At the moment, Sethi and team are targeting the Tier 1 cities, entrepreneurs/start-ups and SMEs.

The year 2020 saw a drastic change in the consumption of content online, which in fact has benefitted this new platform which was in development since January. So far advertiCe has seen 20+ brands manage and buy native ads, banner ads and run video ad campaigns.

The post-Corona world has not only seen traditional sectors take baby steps into the digital world, but has now actually understood the real meaning behind DIGITAL INDIA!

advertiCe, says Mayur Sethi, whose acclamations also include being featured in 40 under 40 list by Agency Reporter, 50 under 50  by World Marketing Congress, Philip Kotler Presidential Award by World Marketing Summit, is the new revolution in the Programmatic Advertising.

Those interested in knowing more about advertiCe may log on to its official website www.advertice.in


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