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The biggest entrepreneurial opportunities are caused amid humanitarian crisis

Bishal Das, a young entrepreneur & globetrotter talks about creating opportunities amid pandemic'2020

Published: Sep 17, 2020 02:57:30 PM IST
Updated: Sep 22, 2020 02:32:40 PM IST

Ever bumped into an Instagram profile and immediately felt the urge to book travel tickets, pack your bags and escape for a vacation? Check out Bishal Das’ Instagram profile and we are certain you would feel that urge. Bishal Das is a 27-year-old prodigious entrepreneur who also identifies himself as a travel influencer. Still only 27, Bishal has already travelled 51 countries around the globe. A quintessential globetrotter, we must say!

Bishal grew up in the state of Odisha and finished his schooling in 2010. He did all his schooling from Scindia Boarding School in Gwalior. It was during this time he learned to be creative, competitive and develop a thrust to make a difference in the world. Also, it was pretty early in his childhood, age 7 to be precise, when he was captivated by the idea of traveling around the world. He firmly believes that to travel is to acquire invaluable knowledge. Since 2010, Bishal has visited 51 countries, learning about different cultures and traditions. Bishal has set himself a personal goal of traveling each and every country in the world before he turns 40. Through his social media and even personal interactions Bishal always encourages people to step out of their homes and see the world. He believes traveling is an unparalleled mind soothing experience, one that everyone must try out.

Bishal graduated from The University of Roehampton, London with a degree in International Marketing in 2016. He then returned to India to start his own business venture. He started with United Corporation, a logistics company in year 2016 after realizing the scarcity of logistics & transport services in Jharsuguda, Odisha. Jharsuguda happens to be a cluster of some major steel & aluminum producing industries & Bishal has surely solved their logistics issues in past few years.

Having started with 2 trucks, now his company has 100+ vehicles in collaborations. This is a testament to his meteoric rise as one India’s most promising entrepreneurs.

2019 turned out to be a very pivotal year for him as he was a part of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. He was involved in a discussion regarding potential international business opportunities across globe with a lot of esteemed entrepreneurs across the globe. These included Dr. Henrik Syse, Vice chair of Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Mr. Hunter Hunt, CEO and President of Hunt Consolidated Energy and Ms. Nadja Swarovski, Chairperson, Swarovski Foundation. At this forum, he also had the privilege to meet and discuss his ideas with Mr. Kamal Nath, Former Chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and Mr. Glenn McGrath, former Australian Cricketer and director of the McGrath Foundation which is a breast cancer support and education charity in Australia. This was definitely a high point in Bishal’s bright albeit young career as an entrepreneur.

Being a firm believer in the idea of sustainable living, Bishal is now investing heavily in the environmental businesses of India. Now he is also moving towards sustainable energy production keeping in mind the future of solar energy consumption. He also attended events on climate change and the potential of sustainable energy.

At only 27 years of age Bishal has already managed to make his mark on the world stage as one of India’s best young entrepreneurs. With his innovative ideas and a will to strive to become better each day, it’s safe to say, sky is the limit for him.

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