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Why Atromg8 is leading the list of 2020-21 world's top blockchain projects

ATROMG8 is an initiative that is striving to solve and provide an ecosystem where privacy and security are paramount

Published: Nov 12, 2020 11:42:18 AM IST
Updated: Nov 12, 2020 03:40:56 PM IST

Why Atromg8 is leading the list of 2020-21 world's top blockchain projects
Blockchain and its essence of decentralization have been rapidly emerging and are recognized across the globe. Overall, the increased demand for protection, security, and integrity of data is driving this adoption.

There is also a growing rejection among people all over the world when it comes to social media platforms and the technologies used behind them.

This challenge becomes bigger because many stakeholders in the ecosystem do not want such a shift. Think about the providers and marketers of this data. This is their livelihood. Targeted advertising is a highly paid avenue. Trading with the data is incredibly lucrative and far exceeds the value of commodity trading volumes, such as crude oil and gold.

ATROMG8 is an initiative that is striving to solve and provide an ecosystem where privacy and security are paramount. To build such a solution is a true paradigm shift and not something that can happen overnight, given the existing financial models, security around data, and privacy.

This global pandemic has not only changed the way social interactions across the globe happen, but it's also pushing the industry to be more creative in the approach, highlighting the desperate need for trustworthy decentralized structures developing proposed solutions.

The student organization IEEE is one of the world's largest technical professional organizations for the advancement of technology. Its members in Kerala, India, have shown interest in the idea of developing a new concept to connect students with the industry through concrete projects and new structures. To actualize the same, they are keen to take a pioneering role by entering into a partnership with ATROMG8. Together, the teams will ensure that the interests of the students are represented in a meaningful and useful way. At the same time, with the experience of IEEE Kerala, the project gets access to deep know-how, which is unique and extremely valuable.

It is important to create trust between the students and the industry to develop new ideas together and to open the gates to a new post-pandemic world for approximately 300 million Indian students, as well as a much larger share of students all over the world.

Milivoje Batista, the founder of ATROMG8, sees the possibility of putting an end to developments that are similar to what we have already seen with oil and electricity at the beginning of the last century. The vision is to restore the global balance by securing a data democracy.

ATROMG8 and its partners have gone beyond creating an educational ecosystem. They are also launching WORLDG8, an e-commerce alliance that is primarily dedicated to B2B / B2C and C2C. It is a trading platform that will be available to everyone in equal parts. This will not serve national interests but will support an international cross-border community to conserve resources, monitor market trends, and promote sustainable trade with equally sustainable products.

Various partnerships have made possible the implementation that the project was able to conclude in the course of technological development and gives the whole solution the necessary competence to be able to execute. One such partner is the Institute for Development and Economic Cooperation, IBREI, from Brazil, which has over 30,000 companies in its network. It takes care of communication and organization with the industry. Mauricio Prazak, President of IBREI, sees this collaboration as a revolution and shares about it;

"We have a clear understanding that the greatest barrier in the relationship between different markets and cultures is the lack of information and knowledge. Since its foundation, IBREI has been actively working to fill this gap, establishing a real relationship bridge and a good business environment among each of the more than 20 countries where the institute is present. Now, with WorldG8, we want to scale this work to the world."

"The pandemic crisis drove, at an accelerated pace, a radical change that was happening gradually, and finally pushed all companies and markets towards the digitized world. The most important thing that companies should realize is that this gives us an unprecedented opportunity that I usually refer to as 'the democratization of the international market,'" he further added.

Accessing the international market is difficult, complex, and very expensive. It demands companies to invest in trips and business visits to many different countries to participate in international fairs and business rounds (which further involves thousands of dollars in hotel bills, air tickets, and transports for each country). Enter AtromG8, and all this will be available for business people online. They will be able to access it through their personal computers at their homes. So now, even the smallest enterprises will have the same opportunities and access to a more equal world. Everything is changing, and companies should prepare themselves for this new world of opportunities.

In addition to Mauricio Prazak, a multi-award-winning technology provider Accubits Technologies, based in the United States and India, has also joined hands with ATROMG8 to support the technical needs of the participants and offer solutions. It also empowers this project with its research and development department. Many other technological partners have already confirmed and will start working on this project after Main Blockchain Network goes live.

Jithin VG, Co-Founder and CEO of Accubits Technologies, shares;

"For me, the most fascinating thing about ATROMG8 is the underlying foundation they have been able to develop with some of the most advanced technologies that exist today. I equally appreciate how well they have balanced the use of scalable and sophisticated technologies with a gorgeous interface and extremely user-friendly flow. I truly congratulate the ATROMG8 team for successfully executing a project of this scale."

The project also receives prominent support from Italy through the European pioneer Dr. William Nonnis and his network. He has created an international reputation based on his work as a full-stack and blockchain developer at the Italian Ministry of Defence. 

Professor Marco Santarelli, who has been fighting for socio-economic security and the advancing development of cybercrime for years, has also joined the movement. He also counsels the decision-makers of this world and conceptually advises them. His work and information are invaluable.

Research institutes and lecturer companies such as Biotai and Evodigitale are just as much contributing elementary building blocks to the ATROMG8 project. The former CTO of Huawei, Mena Region Jorge Sebastiao, brings his 35 years of experience in the technological world as a consultant to support this great project.

We are eagerly following the development of this project and taking part in the first successes. The online events organized by IBREI in October and November 2020 with over 2000 companies clearly indicate the need. The online switching of the platforms with the first tools on which the concepts can then be implemented continues online. The basic version of this will be launched on November 11th, 2020. Work is already underway on projects in the areas of health, trade, certification, and energy. This will improve the livelihood of millions of people and enable a new income base.

All this, along with the excellent partnerships involved, make the project what it is for us - the leader of the current world of blockchain projects 2020/21.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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