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Lacoste turns fashion NFTs into digital cards for immersive Web3 experience

Lacoste's web3 revolution elevates fashion NFTs, empowering fans with interactive quests and rewards in 'The Mission' gaming experience

Shashank Bhardwaj
Published: Jul 5, 2023 06:34:02 PM IST

Lacoste turns fashion NFTs into digital cards for immersive Web3 experienceImage: Shutterstock

Lacoste, the fashion giant, introduces an innovative digital experience that allows fans to engage in community quests for rewards. With the digital revolution in full swing, industry leaders strive to redefine the connection between dedicated fans and renowned brands. Lacoste takes a leap in digital innovation with the gaming experience known as 'The Mission,' breathing new life into their iconic digital crocodiles and captivating audiences worldwide.

The inaugural season of 'The Mission' will run from June 29 to December 2023 and consists of several chapters, each featuring specific missions. Users will earn points, climb the leaderboard, and increase the rarity of their UNDW3 cards. Higher rarity brings greater rewards, utility, and asset value. Exceptional performers will receive digital vouchers, while the top-ranked players will be treated to an all-expense-paid Lacoste VIP experience in Paris.

Lacoste enthusiasts embarked on a web3 journey when the brand introduced its unique digital asset collection, UNDW3, in June 2022. The collection comprised 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs, acting as digital "golden tickets" that brought loyal fans closer to the brand in the web3 world—a community-driven evolution of the internet.

Building on the success of the UNDW3 collection, Lacoste is at the forefront of dynamic NFTs in the fashion industry. The brand has transformed genesis pass NFTs into UNDW3 Cards and unveiled an exceptional web3 gaming experience. From June 29 onwards, members of the UNDW3 community can immerse themselves in an interactive adventure within 'The Mission,' unlocking exclusive perks through quests.

Holders of UNDW3 cards gain access to 'The Mission' website, which serves as Lacoste's gateway to the web3 universe. Users can choose from various quests and engage with the community through UNDW3 social channels. Lacoste has implemented a ranking system to track the web3 activities of each player, fostering healthy competition.

Lacoste believes that pioneering dynamic NFTs within the fashion industry reflects its visionary approach. The UNDW3 card represents a broader spectrum of brand engagement, encompassing creativity, conversation, and gaming.

With the introduction of UNDW3 cards, Lacoste aims to lead the paradigm shift in brand experiences and loyalty programs. The brand rewards community members who actively participate in co-creation initiatives, gaming experiences, and conversations centred around Lacoste.

The fashion industry has witnessed a fresh wave of innovation with the emergence of NFTs. By leveraging digital assets to offer tangible benefits, brands can transform customers into active community members. Through UNDW3 cards, Lacoste spearheads this transformative movement, revolutionising brand experiences and loyalty programs while recognising and rewarding community engagement in exciting digital initiatives.

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