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Musculoskeletal health and wellness

DR. Abhishek Chachan, converse about the ill-effects of musculoskeletal conditions on employment expectancy

Published: Sep 28, 2022 05:50:30 PM IST

Musculoskeletal health and wellnessThe impact of impaired musculoskeletal health is now recognized globally with an increase in morbidity and mortality risk factors associated with it. The majority of people associated with various occupations and work-related activities develop various musculoskeletal issues, like spinal discomforts, lower back pain (LBP), and shoulder disorders. Musculoskeletal conditions are chronic, and painful, and are generally associated with physical disability and social disengagement resulting in mental health impairments such as depression and anxiety.

High-income countries observe musculoskeletal conditions to be one of the major causes of work loss, early retirement, and extra financial burdens whereas in developing countries musculoskeletal conditions have a substantial impact on livelihoods. Reduced musculoskeletal health is mounting universal concerns, as it results in an overall reduction in productivity thus causing economic loss to humanity at all levels. Good Musculoskeletal health is essential for maintaining an active, productive, and prolonged employment expectancy. With an increase in the global retirement age, maintaining good musculoskeletal health has become very crucial, especially for aged workers.

Physical, social, and mental aspects are adversely affected by the musculoskeletal manifestations thus impairing the overall quality of life. Thus it is important to identify and implement effective interventions for people with musculoskeletal conditions to maintain productivity and efficiency at work.

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