Fall fashion of 2021 is adapting to new ways of working

For now, the idea is to combine comfort with elegance in a happy medium. To nail the look, check out these top trends, which, while helping you get back into the groove, will also help carve out the shape of tomorrow's fashion

Published: Sep 2, 2021 03:56:51 PM IST
Updated: Sep 2, 2021 04:07:24 PM IST

Overalls will be one of fashion's star pieces of the fall.
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With home working, flexible working, in the office, in third places or on the move, there's no longer one but several ways of working, to which you—and your wardrobe—will have to adapt. But there's no need to rush things after months spent in jogging suits, pajamas and slippers. For now, the idea is to combine comfort with elegance in a happy medium. To nail the look, check out these top trends, which, while helping you get back into the groove, will also help carve out the shape of tomorrow's fashion.

Yes to suits, no to stuffiness
Never has the suit gone through such thorough reinvention by the fashion world as in this post-lockdown period. Symbolizing the revival of the workwear "uniform," suits are today looking more casual than ever. This translates into new materials that are lighter and more flexible, letting the wearer feel almost like they're wearing a sweatsuit, while still looking sharp. This also involves choosing less strict, formal pieces—such as switching a classic shirt for a polo shirt, or even a sweatshirt or a classic white or black T-shirt—as well as the choice of accessories. Justin Bieber, for example, recently posed next to the French presidential couple wearing an open shirt—complete with shiny gold chain—and a pair of sneakers on his feet. And while some sneakers might not be suitable additions to your workwear look, there are now plenty of hybrid styles, lining up somewhere between city shoes and sneakers, which will blend in perfectly.

Overalls, star of the office
After riding high in the '70s and '80s, overalls could return to the forefront of the scene this fall. Perfectly channeling this mix between comfort and elegance, overalls can be chic, casual, streetwear and even bohemian. It all depends on what you wear with them. Indeed, the advantage of overalls lies in the multitude of pieces they can be matched with, from T-shirts and crop tops to blouses, shirts and sweaters. These can all be worn on top or underneath, with one strap attached or both, and with sneakers, smart shoes or heels... The possibilities are endless, dressing up or down for a casual, chic or glamorous look. A jumpsuit offers even greater versatility. Whether in a classic or a workwear style, it's a go-to basic to customize to your heart's content.

Snug sweaters
Lockdown is no more, but some of its star pieces are likely to stay with us as we head into fall, starting with the sweater. However, that doesn't mean wearing it like you would at home. The sweatshirt is becoming more chic, whether in short or long cuts, plain, with a logo, or covered with the star prints of the season. This season's sweaters can also be sporty or embroidered, or even emblazoned with activist or offbeat messages. No matter how you wear it, the sweater will always be part of this fall's fashion, carrying over that cozy, snug feeling that will be difficult to give up as we head back to the office. Be careful though, as a sweatshirt doesn't mean a sweatsuit. Instead, match your sweater with jeans, a long or short skirt, or even... overalls.

Blazers forever!
If there's one piece that hasn't been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic, it's the blazer. And it's an essential to keep in your wardrobe as we head into fall, even if comfort will be the watchword this season. After having won over women all over the world in sleeveless versions this summer, the blazer will bring a touch of elegance to more casual pieces. In short, it's a must-have that can always adapt to embrace the patterns and colors of the season. In fact, blazers could help bring a fun touch to your back-to-the-office outfits, with more vibrant and daring colors (yellow, orange, pink).

Essential jewelry
Accessories are generally a great way of bringing an elegant, glamorous and chic touch to a more casual outfit. And this will be more than ever the case this fall, when fashion embraces the best of both worlds. A jumpsuit or overalls will go wonderfully with bracelets and necklaces, worn in layers, and even more with hair jewelry. This is THE trend of the fall-winter season, particularly with brand logo barrettes. It's certainly kitsch, but don't say you haven't been warned!c

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