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What trends will Gen Z lead in 2022? Instagram investigates

Clean beauty, wellness and complex kitchen skills are some of the things on young people's minds for 2022, according to Instagram

Published: Dec 20, 2021 06:32:58 PM IST
Updated: Dec 20, 2021 06:50:04 PM IST

What trends will Gen Z lead in 2022? Instagram investigates Clean beauty, wellness and complex kitchen skills are some of the things on young people's minds for 2022, according to Instagram.
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What will we see on Instagram in 2022? The social network unveiled its report of upcoming trends based on a survey of Gen Zers. From more sustainable fashion and cleaner beauty to the virtual and the digital—not to mention the prevalence of social media and influencers—find out what to expect next year on the Instagram social network.

Looking ahead to 2022, Instagram has unveiled a comprehensive report on the trends to watch out for on the web in its Trend Report 2022. After interviewing 1,200 social network users, aged 13 and 24 in the United States in October 2021, Instagram has identified ten points shaping up to be hot topics in 2022.

A simpler approach to beauty

Fashion looks set to come in various flavors next year. 50% of the teens and young adults surveyed are set to try bold fashion aesthetics like "Dark Academia," "Goblincore" and more nostalgic looks in 2022, confirming the return of retro.

About one in three people say they're more interested in buying and learning about "clean" makeup and beauty products in 2022: "This includes plant-based skincare, vegan makeup, using less products on their skin and products with 'clean' ingredients," Instagram explains in its report.

Second hand takes center stage

It's all very well looking good but what about protecting the planet? Almost one in four people, or 23%, are expected to shop on second-hand fashion sites in 2022. About 24% of teens and young adults intend to help make fashion more eco-friendly by selling their stuff on sites or social networks next year. Thrift store fashion will still be relevant in 2022 as the issue of eco-responsibility in the fashion world is still a top concern for Generation Z.

While online shopping has become a real trend on social networks, about 27% of teens and young adults, or more than one in four, plan to use social networks to make purchases.

Music meets social media

While TikTok can boast of being a springboard for new artists, Instagram also confirms the importance of music on its platform. 24% of users say they are more excited about visual music experiences in 2022, while one in four teens expect to follow live concerts on social networks. 70% of teens even rely on social networks to discover new songs and artists.

And when it comes to music, it's all about dancing. Dance challenges will always be a hit online. More than one in three teens are looking forward to new dance challenges in 2022, including more elaborate routines.

Creators can be as influential as celebrities

For four in five young people, influencers and other well-known content creators on social networks have more impact on culture than traditional celebrities such as actors, Instagram reveals in its report, "Today, young people are impacted by a wide spectrum of creators and their relationship is more tightly aligned around shared interests and less so on how popular they've gotten."

Finding your calling

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up our relationship with work. 63% of Gen Zers agree that they have re-evaluated their career goals because of the pandemic. For this so-called sacrificed generation, a large salary is no longer seen as a goal in life. 71% now prefer to have a meaningful job, even if it pays less. The younger generation has totally redefined what success looks like. 90% of Gen Zers believe that the best education comes from real-life experiences. 66% of them are even beginning to re-assess the true value of a college education.

Hunger for kitchen expertise

The #Food hashtag has a bright future ahead of it. Cooking on social media will still be trending in 2022. According to Instagram, young users will still be looking for new and increasingly complex recipes to further improve their cooking skills. Indeed, one in six teens or young millennials are showing increased interest in at-home molecular gastronomy.

Meanwhile, one in five young adults want to learn more about mixology techniques to try at home, or are ready to go out of their way to learn about new ways to source ingredients.

Online wellness

Wellness is one of the trends that works on Instagram. Indeed, at-home workouts are more popular among the social network's users, at 48%, compared to 34% for those not on Instagram.

To feel good, users will continue to talk about mental health. About one in three will partake in activities such as meditation sessions and exercise events. Creative hobbies will also be sought after, with one in four young people trying their hand at drawing, painting or any other artistic activity. The new generation wants to feel good, both physically and mentally, and this also involves creating a more environmentally friendly home.

The gaming world on social media

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of video games has boomed. This trend was already present and will continue to attract new followers. With the creation of avatars and the arrival of fashion in the metaverse, "non-gamer" gamers are accessing video games through fashion. Now, one in five young people expect to see more branded clothing for their digital avatars.

Plus, 40% of teenagers and young adults expect more trends around video games in 2022. Live-streaming of video games will continue to appeal to young people, with about three in ten watching livestreams of gamers.

Memes keep raising a smile

To better cope with the often gloomy news, internet users will increasingly rely on the use of memes, these humorous viral montages often shared on social networks. More than one in five young people paid more attention to memes about the stock market and astrology in the past year.

Social justice

Instagram users are more engaged citizens, it seems. They are more likely to have voted in local, state and national elections, at 18% compared to 6% for young people not using Instagram, the social network said. Plus, 52% of Instagrammers followed a social justice account in 2021.

They are also increasingly willing to donate to causes, at 37% for 2022 against 32% in 2021. A generosity from which charities will be able to benefit by making appeals for donations directly on Instagram.

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