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Cherry Blossom shoe polish 'shines' after 10 years

The iconic Reckitt Benckiser brand rolls out a new campaign after a decade—and it doesn't have Charlie Chaplin this time

Rajiv Singh
Published: May 3, 2019 03:28:55 PM IST
Updated: May 3, 2019 04:03:40 PM IST

Cherry Blossom shoe polish 'shines' after 10 yearsImage: Shutterstock

After a gap of more than 10 years, global consumer goods firm Reckitt Benckiser has rolled out a new campaign for the iconic shoe polish brand Cherry Blossom, with an overarching message of ‘Polish to shine’.

This time, though, it's not Charlie Chaplin's silent comedy. It's a subtle strand of a father-son relationship—and another with a school girl as the protagonist—which the brand is banking on, to revive the habit of polishing shoes. Conceived and created by Tilt Brand Solutions, the commercials aim to reinforce moral values such as responsibility, discipline and sincerity by interlinking them with the simple act of polishing shoes.  

“We are delighted to launch this campaign to revive the culture of shoe-polishing in the Indian market,” says Sukhleen Aneja, chief marketing officer and marketing director (Hygiene Home, South Asia) at Reckitt Benckiser. Cherry Blossom, she says, has always been an integral part of the Indian household culture for dressing smartly.

The brand, launched in the UK in 1906, reaffirms what this everyday act conveys about the wearer of polished shoes. “These ads will definitely enhance brand recall in audience minds,” she says, adding that the impression you make with well-shined shoes is incomparable.

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