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EDITION: 16 December, 2022
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16 December, 2022


Forbes India W Power 2022
Inside our W-Power 2022 issue
Celebrating women leaders in diverse fields, the Forbes India W-Power 2022 list features women who are breaking stereotypes, dismissing doubters, and leading change. In this issue, you will find self-made women who created their paths to define their destinies. From the small-town girl story of Chanel boss Leena Nair to the tale of Sequoia India's Sakshi Chopra's patience and perseverance, Varsha Meghani shares the details of how the list came about and the pages you must flip through in this edition


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    India's Self-Made Women 2022: Masters of their destiny

    Forbes India's W-Power does consider conventional parameters of measuring success—wealth and valuation, power and position, and value-creation and performance—however, at the heart of the list is the self-made essence of these women. They're not dynasts or inheritors, but individuals who have imagined their own ideas, their own paths, their own destinies


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