Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani
Nandan Nilekani
Amit Verma
At a Glance
  • Age
  • Earnings
    $1300 Million
  • Source of earnings
    Software services
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Residence

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Cofounder and former CEO of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani is reportedly preparing to plunge into politics and may run for the 2014 federal elections on a Congress Party ticket. He joined the government 4 years ago to become head of the Unique Identification Authority of India, which has issued 415 million online IDs to Indian residents so far; these IDs are being used to provide direct cash transfers of various government entitlements, among much else. In August his wife Rohini sold some Infosys shares, raising $26 million for her charities in water and education.

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