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26 January, 2024

How MR Jyothy hopes to make Jyothy Labs a Rs 5,000 crore company

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Jyothy Labs 2024
Highlighting Indians on Asia's Powerful Businesswomen list
Businesswomen in Asia-Pacific are pushing forward with new ventures and rising to secure top spots at some of the region's largest and most prestigious enterprises. Forbes Asia's Power Businesswomen list features 20 such leaders, and three of them are leading Indian businesses. In this podcast, Divya Shekhar puts the spotlight on the package and tracks the record of cover star MR Jyothy of Jyothy Labs


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    Inside Asia's power women: The women bending the rules

    This fortnight's edition turns the arc lights squarely on the Forbes Asia list of 20 Power Women, three of them from India. The list includes women, like Indra Nooyi, who have climbed to the top rung of the corporate ladder after years of relentless professional achievements. Some women've taken charge of family businesses and carved out their own growth paths

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