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Aurko Bhattacharjee: Eyes on the big picture

As a close aide of Ritesh Agarwal, this 29-year-old led Oyo's Covid-19 response communication with stakeholders

Anubhuti Matta
Published: Feb 10, 2021 03:50:16 PM IST
Updated: Mar 19, 2021 08:51:02 PM IST

Aurko Bhattacharjee: Eyes on the big pictureImage:Debarshi Sarkar for Forbes India

Aurko Bhattacharjee | 29
Director, CXO Office, Oyo Hotels & Homes

At Oyo Hotels & Homes, Aurko Bhattacharjee has been a director with the CXO office since August 2019; he is responsible for bringing all stakeholders across multidisciplinary teams together.

As a close aide of founder and Group CEO Ritesh Agarwal, Bhattacharjee leads key strategic initiatives, steers crucial external partnerships with multinationals, and manages discussions related to the board of directors and shareholders. He also drives collaborations with academic institutions, such as the Harvard University, on behalf of Oyo and manages internal and external communications from Agarwal’s office.

"He has delivered consistently, shown immense maturity through the pandemic and I along with my colleagues entrust him to manage highly strategic conversations for the company. The integrity and involvement with which Aurko functions is what makes him a champion in my team," says Agarwal. 

As a reply to a question Bhattacharjee is often asked about being too young to shoulder so many responsiblities, he says, "​Good things come when you take meaningful risks. I left the comfort of a blue-chip firm to join a scaling startup as I wanted to make an impact.” And he adds, “I had to unlearn and relearn, deal with a quantum shift in terms of working style, people, processes etc. I steadily took up projects, delivered, and gained trust.”

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An electrical and electronics engineer from Manipal University, Bhattacharjee first worked with Goldman Sachs and then with Jayant Sinha, member of Parliament and former minister of state for finance, during the 2019 elections. “Aurko is a gifted problem solver, a natural leader with excellent people skills. He’s a big-picture person who loves to work towards delivering outcomes and I was pleased to see how he seamlessly blended and helped people from all walks of life,” says Sinha.


Aurko Bhattacharjee: Eyes on the big picture

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