Forbes India 15th Anniversary Special

12 Big Debates That Define Our Times, Settled

Complex debates that define our society analysed and resloved by the keenest thought leaders of our time

Published: Jun 3, 2011 06:46:54 AM IST
Updated: Jun 7, 2011 03:45:21 PM IST
12 Big Debates That Define Our Times, Settled

12 Big Debates that define our Times:

Shashi Tharoor: War For Peace

Jaggi Vasudev: Spirituality and Secularism

Azim Premji: The Business of Ecology 

Vijay Govindarajan: Jugaad - A Model for Innovation

Madhu Kishwar: Urbanisation And The Poor

Satyajit Das: Double-edged Dollar

Raghuram Rajan: Free Enterprise Vs. Regulation

Rama Bijapurkar: The Whole Six Yards

Vijay Mahajan: Values vs.Valuations

A. Damodaran: The Despair of The Ganges

Raju Narisetti: News and World Wide Web

T.N. Ninan: India's Newspaper Business is Not Disappearing Just Yet

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