Top 20 most-liked posts on Instagram

Curious about the most-liked posts on Instagram? This article discusses the top 20 most-liked posts on Instagram

Published: Sep 12, 2023 02:30:00 PM IST
Updated: Sep 20, 2023 05:02:07 PM IST

Top 20 most-liked posts on Instagram

Standing out in the busy and ever-engaged world of Instagram can feel challenging, especially with a massive 95 million new posts showing up every day. Yet, some posts beat the odds, getting tons of likes and becoming famous on Instagram. These iconic posts, often from celebrities, prove that creativity and fandom know no limits.

However, don't assume that only celebrities have the most-liked posts on Instagram; even an egg photo has left its mark, amassing likes beyond expectations.

With that bizarre statement, let’s dive into our list of the top 20 most-liked posts on Instagram.

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Most-Liked Instagram Posts: Which are the Top 20?

Instagram has become more than just a social platform – it fascinates many. Let’s explore the top 20 most-liked posts on Instagram without further ado.

Rank & Account No. of Likes (millions) Date Posted & Post Link
#1 Leonel Messi @leomessi 75.6 December 18, 2022
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#2 Egg Gang @world_record_egg 60.1 January 4, 2019
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#3 Leonel Messi @leomessi 54.7 December 20, 2022
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#4 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 42.8 November 19, 2022
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#5 Leonel Messi @leomessi 42.0 December 19, 2022
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#6 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano/@alnassr 34.5 December 30, 2022
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#7 Leonel Messi @leomessi 34.4 December 21, 2022
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#8 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 34.2 December 11, 2022
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#9 Leonel Messi @leomessi 32.9 November 19, 2022
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#10 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano/@georginagio 32.5 October 28, 2021
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#11 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 32.4 December 29, 2022
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#12 MAKE OUT HILL @xxxtentacion 32.0 May 19, 2018
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#13 Leonel Messi @leomessi 29.8 December 14, 2022
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#14 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 28.0 January 3, 2023
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#15 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 28.0 January 19, 2023
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#16 Ariana Grande @arianagrande 26.4 May 26, 2021
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#17 Zendaya@zendaya 26.3 June 1, 2022
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#18 Leonel Messi @leomessi 26.1 December 29, 2022
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#19 Selena Gomez @selenagomez 26.0 March 14, 2023
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#20 Tom Holland @tomholland2013 25.2 February 23, 2022
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Top 10 Most-Liked Posts on Instagram: A Deep Dive

Now, it is time for a deeper look into the most-liked photo on Instagram, as well as nine other most-liked posts:

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10. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Twins announcement

The tenth most-liked post on Instagram has Cristiano Ronaldo sharing delightful news with his partner Georgina that they were expecting twins, which added to the joy fans felt from his remarkable return to Manchester United. In this heartwarming Instagram post, the couple displayed baby scan images, announcing the exciting pregnancy. Ronaldo and Georgina and their four children have embraced life in Manchester.

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9. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess

Messi shared a snapshot of a chess match with Cristiano Ronaldo with this one. The image garnered substantial likes and is among the most-liked posts on Instagram, with users expressing admiration through emojis in the comments. The photo is unique as it features Ronaldo and Messi playing chess, diverging from their usual football context. The post was a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, adding a touch of style to the playful encounter.

8. Cristiano After Portugal’s Elimination

FIFA-related posts usually exude celebration, but Cristiano adds a different dimension. Following Portugal's elimination, the soccer star openly displayed his discontent. Cristiano Ronaldo's decision to share his disappointment rather than conceal it resonated with many and ranked it among the top 10 most-liked posts on Instagram.  It has captured Ronaldo walking off the field after Portugal's loss to Morocco, marking their exit from the World Cup.

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7. Messi Celebrating Victory in Argentina

It's only natural to find Messi posing with the World Cup winner’s trophy, as conquering the World Cup is the ultimate accomplishment for football professionals. It is yet another of the most-liked Instagram posts from Messi. After a stylish return home, thousands of proud supporters warmly welcomed Messi and the Argentinian national soccer team. Naturally, he shared some cherished snapshots of the journey, securing his spot on this list with another impactful post.

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6. Ronaldo joins Al Nassr FC

This post by Ronaldo after the announcement of joining Al Nassr FC is also ranked among the most-liked posts on Instagram. This came on the heels of the FIFA World Cup, which showcased football's finest talents. Ronaldo's decision to sign with Saudi Professional League's Al Nassr FC was made public by the club's official account. The announcement sparked a flurry of likes, reflecting the excitement among fans about his new football venture.

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5. Lionel Messi with the World Cup trophy

Once more, Messi is seen proudly with the World Cup trophy, an achievement celebrated worldwide on social platforms. The iconic duo of Messi and the trophy has consistently attracted numerous likes and has been among the most-liked photos on Instagram, reflecting the global adoration for his victory. The enduring connection between Messi and the coveted prize has led to their frequent appearances together.

4. Ronaldo and Messi playing chess

The same Louis Vuitton-sponsored picture of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing chess was also shared by Ronaldo. Despite the sponsorship, the post showcased Ronaldo's playful side, engaging in a friendly chess match with Messi. The collaboration with Louis Vuitton added a fashionable touch to the shared moment.

3. Messi With FIFA Trophy

This lighthearted post by Messi is among his top 10 most-liked posts on Instagram. Messi is seen embracing the World Cup trophy in bed again. This whimsical moment captures his dedication, pride, and accomplishment after achieving a monumental feat. The image symbolises his journey to the pinnacle of success, evoking a grin as he cherishes the prize before drifting into sleep. Messi's contentment reflects his remarkable achievement in the world of football.

2. An Egg

An egg photo held the record of the most-liked photo on Instagram, with nearly 60 million likes for an extended period. Despite a modest following, this egg post represented an unconventional triumph on Instagram, ranking at the top despite other posts from celebrities. Chris Godfrey, the owner, orchestrated the egg's rise to fame. The egg held the record for 1,436 days until Messi's victory surpassed it.

1. Messi Celebrating World Cup Victory

In a historic moment during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi clinched victory for Argentina with a goal that secured their championship. The most-liked Instagram post is the iconic photo of Messi lifting the trophy after the triumph. Sharing the heartfelt moment, Messi's joy and pride radiated as he celebrated with fellow Argentinians, marking a monumental achievement in his career.

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