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Samsung vs Xiaomi: Eyeball to Eyeball Fight

After trailing two quarters to Chinese rival, Samsung pulls it back in Q2

Rajiv Singh
Published: Jul 29, 2018 10:14:35 AM IST

Image: Shutterstock 
It’s rare to have two market research reports having almost the same conclusion. While Canalys declared Samsung and Xiaomi as joint winners in its latest smartphone second quarter data for India, Counterpoint Research gave the gold medal to the South Korean biggie.

Samsung, according to Counterpoint, pipped Xiaomi to reclaim the crown by just 1 percent.

While Samsung’s 29 percent and Xiaomi’s 28 percent market share, respectively, might suggest that the gap is just 1 percent, what it doesn’t reveal is that the fight between them is 100 percent. “Samsung is hitting back,” says Canalys analyst TuanAnh Nguyen.