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  • Jamie Kern Lima wants to turn IT into the world's largest beauty brand

    Former news anchor Jamie Kern Lima began testing makeup a decade ago to help cover her red, blotchy skin. That experimentation led to the creation of IT Cosmetics, which L'Oréal snapped up in 2016 for $1.2 billion. Now she's plotting to turn IT into the largest beauty brand in the world

  • America's richest self-made women

    Check out Forbes's ranking of the country's most successful women entrepreneurs and executives as measured by their net worths

  • Carolyn Rafaelian: The bangle billionaire

    By turning what women wear on their wrists into an affinity statement, Carolyn Rafaelian has grown the hippie brand Alex and Ani into a $1 billion company. Now America's richest jeweller is working on world domination—and maybe an IPO

  • The Wizards from Oz

    Enterprise software giants use armies of salespeople to hawk imperfect products and endless updates. The two Australian billionaires behind Atlassian have built smarter tools that sell themselves. Just ask Tesla, Snapchat, NASA and the entire Ivy League

  • Child of the pledge

    Ted Stanley made a fortune on knickknacks, then promised it to medical research on mental illness. His son is bird-dogging that commitment. And, yes, it's personal

  • TrueMotion's mobile app can tell if you are texting while driving

    Brad Cordova had deeply personal reasons to start a company to combat distracted driving and tap into the new market for data-driven insurance

  • Starting over

    Successful but speeding toward obsolescence, FreshBooks desperately needed to reinvent its online accounting service. It was almost as if it had to start an entirely new company

  • Can Craigslist be killed?

    Two well-funded startups are battling to build a smartphone-based alternative to Craigslist, the 22-year-old online dinosaur that's been a cash machine for founder and newly minted billionaire Craig Newmark

  • The toll collector

    While Wall Street wasn't looking, accountant Bruce Flatt became a billionaire by assembling one of the world's largest portfolios of office buildings, power plants and infrastructure projects—and making Brookfield Asset Management the safest growth stock on the planet

  • Father (and son) knows best

    Modern portfolio theory is the foundation of global money management, but a pair of mathematicians in Boston has revamped it—with market-beating success

  • Tara Singh and Sahil Vachani: Building on Bhai Analjit Singh's legacy

    In Indian senior living and other fields, Analjit Singh's youngest and her husband try an encore