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Ethical bling that blends elegance with style

Ways to keep yourself as well as the planet happy

Shruti Venkatesh
Published: Oct 7, 2017 07:24:38 AM IST
Updated: Oct 4, 2017 05:38:14 PM IST

Ethical bling that blends elegance with style
Okapi Lamia Brilliant Green Blesbok, Gold Hardware
Named after the beautiful African goddess queen, the Lamia is a signature Okapi bag. Its appeal lies in its elegant and timeless design and understated simplicity.

One of the more structured Okapi bags, the Lamia is ideal for both day and night, and makes an outfit look professional or contemporary, as the need may be.

Crafted in Okapi's own blesbok leather (created for Okapi by a co-operatively-run tannery), the bag also has a blesbok suede lining, 18-carat gold plated handmade hardware and springbok horn sustainably and ethically sourced in South Africa.

Founded in 2008 by the South African painter Hanneli Rupert, Okapi is known for its locally produced products that combine exceptional quality and craftsmanship with a uniquely African look and feel.

Okapi works with local partners, including ostrich farming families from Oudtshoorn, conservationists, veterinarians, fourth-generation leather craftsmen as well as artisan metal workers.
Price: £1,250 ($1674)

Ethical bling that blends elegance with style
Chopard Ice Cube Pure Ring  
Directly inspired by the vision of ice cubes—their cubic shape and frosty sharpness—the multi-faceted Ice Cube Pure Ring by Chopard in 18-carat rose gold features immaculately semi-set diamonds that have an understated sparkle.

The ring was unveiled at Baselworld this year and is part of an edgy collection that blends elegance with contemporary style. And if you’ve always been a fan of the Ice Cube collection, originally launched in 1999, the fact that the second collection, launched this year, uses Fairmined certified gold (a label that guarantees respect for the mining community and the environment) is only another reason to indulge.
Price: From £1,430 ($1,930)

Ethical bling that blends elegance with style
Stella McCartney Green Knit Dress with Nude Lace Tulle Dress   
The knit mini dress in grass green with a turtleneck, long sleeves and thumb holes, part of Stella McCartney’s Winter 2017 collection, is made of 100 percent virgin wool. Paired with the sheer embroidered Nude Lace Tulle Dress, layered with intricate white lace floral patterns, it
makes for an effortless evening look.

What makes it a brighter option for grey winter evenings is that throughout the new collection there is an emphasis on innovative and recycled materials such as organic cotton, sustainably-sourced viscose, recycled nylon and cruelty-free skin-free skin. The campaign, shot against piles of waste accumulated on the eastern coast of Scotland, too, draws attention to the negative impact of using unsustainable, single-use and disposable products.
Price: Grass Green Knit Dress: $835
Nude Lace Tulle Dress: $4,245

Ethical bling that blends elegance with style
Thierry Mugler Aura
The latest from the house of Thierry Mugler, the Aura perfume blends botanical freshness with feline sensuality. Aura, which comes as the fourth pillar after their Angel, Alien and A*men, has a botanical heart of rhubarb leaf and orange blossom.

Mugler is known for its bottles that are almost sculptural masterpieces and Aura uses an emerald heart as its symbol with a silver crown in the shape of an ‘M’. There are perfumes galore but Mugler is also known for its bottles being refillable (according to its website, one Thierry Mugler refill is performed every seven seconds, as a result of which 2.3 million cases are saved each year, sparing the planet of 383 tonnes of waste). While some ranges are refilled in stores, others can be refilled at home.
Price: £89 ($120)

Ethical bling that blends elegance with style
Jill Milan New Canaan Clutch
Handcrafted in Italy and designed by award-winning designer Jill Fraser, who is known for her vegan bags, this gorgeous clutch is made from Italian satin. It shimmers in the light and effortlessly goes from an afternoon lunch to an elegant evening event. Not to mention the red carpet, if you are so inclined. Leather-free and handmade,

Jill Milan accessories have been approved by PETA in Brazil.   
Price: ₹31,195 ($486.55)

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