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Dr Lita Mohapatra revolutionizes stem cell treatments and Entrepreneurship in India

Her journey has been no less than a dream - from a medical student to a doctor and a health icon through to a successful entrepreneur

Published: Jun 22, 2020 02:08:43 PM IST

Dr Lita Mohapatra revolutionizes stem cell treatments and Entrepreneurship in India
Michelle Obama said, “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.” This holds true for a health icon and a successful woman entrepreneur Dr Lita Mohapatra, who has accomplished every task she has ever worked for.

An MBBS and double Master of Medicine from Australia, & Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Lita Mohapatra’s fascination for aesthetic medicine & cosmetology came from her mantra of travelling the road less taken. She has been successfully working on revolutionary skin-cell treatments for hyperpigmentation.

She received a full bright scholarship from the University of New Castle Australia for her study in Medicine and later another scholarship from the Government of Australia to study aboriginal health.

Her journey has been no less than a dream – from a medical student to a doctor and a health icon through to a successful entrepreneur. Giving in to her natural entrepreneurial stint, Dr Lita Mohapatra founded Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd. In the year 2018, she founded Clinilogic Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic, a unit of Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd.

Clinilogic Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic focuses on exclusive stem cell treatments for good skin and hair. Dr Lita Mohapatra’s work is a breakthrough in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and treatment. It is based on stem-cell dermaceutical and therapeutic medicines.

On asking about the treatments she says, “We have a unique framework of treatments for good skin and hair. These are exclusive in the aesthetics such as Mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Melanin Knockout Therapy, Radio Frequency Therapy, among others.”

While the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 has knocked many people out of their routines, the world is eager to bounce back at the earliest. Dr Lita has a different take on this. She says, “One should feel like it’s a forced holiday. Because sooner or later, one has to re-establish the body and mind to go out and work. Also, we need to take suitable measures to protect ourselves as well as our family.” She adds, “Being positive creates a vibe which will propel your aura and energy towards achieving your goals.”

Not stopping anywhere while achieving unprecedented feats, Dr Lita Mohapatra’s company was awarded a prestigious grant by the Government of India, Biotechnology Ignition Grant in January 2020. Along with her team, Dr Lita is working on a rare product based on nanotechnology technique. This iconic product helps in improving sagging skin, dark circles, wrinkles and patches on the face in the most effective ways.

Dr Lita Mohapatra brings with her a strong vibe of capable female entrepreneurship to the table. She is a beacon of light for those ignorant of the crucial role of women over the ages of human existence. She has received innumerable awards and accolades in her journey. She was awarded the ‘Times Health Icon Award’ in July 2019, ‘Excellence as Doctor in Aesthetic Medicine Award’ in December 2019 and ‘Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneur Award’ In 2019 among others.

With her exemplary experience in Aesthetics and Therapeutics, Dr Lita believes good health is a wholesome product of lifestyle and care. She says,” Being in the Aesthetics Industry for long now, I can say that having a routine lifestyle is essential for being fit and happy. Not only women, this is true for men and children also.”

To all women who aspire to be entrepreneurs someday, Dr Lita has this one thing to say. “To become a successful entrepreneur. I just created goals aligned with my dreams and passion. Entrepreneurship came as a part of the journey. I say this to everyone I meet – I believe in hope, faith, smart working and a sprinkle of pixie dust.”

Dr Lita says she feels like Alice in her entrepreneurship wonderland working hard to reach the pinnacle of success and new milestones. We wish success in her journey as an entrepreneur and in all her endeavours.

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