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Vir Das
Vir Das
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India's top stand-up comedian has his fingers in many pies. He shot four movies and is currently producing two films himself. Through his comedy consultancy Weirdass Comedy, he's organising India's largest comedy festival in January 2014, something he wanted to do for the last 10 years. His comedy-rock band 'Alien Chutney'has gained popularity and he's just added a 12-person choir. They regularly perform at NH7 events, India's premier alternative music festivals. He debuted in a new comedy show, Battle of Da Sexes, and though the demand has been huge-especially from women-the number of days he has to commit to shooting there means he isn't doing as many gigs as before. His average day is 10 hours of shooting, two meetings and a gig. He is also enjoying doing films: Shooting for Go Goa Gone felt almost like a holiday because they filmed in Mauritius for 40 days. Das usually gets to see his family and friends only for dinner after a show; so he plans to enjoy a well-deserved break by switching off his phone between December 22 and January 1.
Fast Fact: ?Das is very active on Twitter with 120,000 followers and almost 6,000 tweets.

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