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16 August, 2019


Podcast: India's Best Employers
Podcast: India's Best Employers
What makes a company a good place to work at? A look at the 16 companies in India that go beyond the buzzwords


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  • Kanye's second coming

    Kanye's second coming

    Three years after a cancelled tour, hospitalisation and claims of $53 million in debt, hip-hop superstar Kanye West has one of the biggest hits of the decade—and it has nothing to do with music. His billion-dollar Yeezy sneaker empire is the best bet in a generation to topple Air Jordan. Sometimes it pays to be a control freak

  • Bumble's sexism problem

    Bumble's sexism problem

    The jet-setting Russian billionaire behind the dating app built to empower women oversees a corporate headquarters that more than a dozen former employees allege is toxic, especially for women

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India's Best Employers 2019

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