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14 February, 2020


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Podcast: Forbes India 30 Under 30, 2020: Inspiring, spirited, disruptive
The youngest is just 17 years old. The Forbes India 30 Under 30 list is more relevant than ever, at a time when students are leading movements across the country, taking on an active charge in shaping its future



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  • rachel romer carlson s

    An Edtech startup that makes colleges pay

    Most edtech startups are idealistic outfits with little revenue and low valuations, but Rachel Romer Carlson's Guild Education is worth $1 billion and is on track to book $100 million in sales. Her secret? Connecting workers who have tuition benefits to colleges that will gladly pay to meet them

  • boobby wargner nfl

    The Forbes US 30 Under 30 list for 2020

    The young, creative and bold minds on this year's 30 Under 30 list for Forbes are proof positive that the future will be new, exciting and profoundly different

  • melanie perkins canva

    Canva: How a young kitesurfer built a $3.2 Bn (Profitable!) startup

    From the unlikeliest of places, Melanie Perkins grew design app Canva into one of the most valuable software startups in the world. Her digital tools are populist, profitable and a potential threat to Adobe and Microsoft

  • kevin durant

    Kevin Durant's hardest three-point play

    The NBA superstar has come to New York with three goals in mind: A return to dominance, a defining championship and a lasting business empire. They're all interconnected

30 Under 30

  • watch_out_for

    30 Under 30: People to watch out for

    These 20-somethings have the potential to make it big, and while they missed being on the main 30 Under 30 list by a whisker, Forbes India will be tracking their progress closely over the next few years

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